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Satellite & Aerial Imagery Solutions
ScapeWare3d is a Satellite Aerial Imagery Distribution Company. With our primary focus being "business to business" relationships, we provide imagery solutions for your mapping, visualization, GIS, 3d and Video SFX projects. We are proud to belong to the DigitalGlobe family as an imagery distributor for GIS, software companies, broadcast, media, film, production and simulation companies around the globe!
Above is an AT&T commercial called "Shed Some Light" -- created by the Framestore out of NYC. We worked to provide them with the correct imagery layers to make their reverse zoom animation look fantastic!
Orchard Fly Over using WorldView-2 and Digital Terrain Model data
This is imagery featuring Dubai -- photographed from DigitalGlobe's newest satellite,WorldView-2
Copyright 2012 ScapeWare3d, LLC, Minnesota, USA.
ScapeWare3d is proud to be belong to the DigitalGlobe Family as a direct distributor
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We offer satellite imagery layers for your video, documentary, commercial or film -- with the proper licensing. All satellite imagery layers are color-matched, feather-blended and correctly sized for perfect and seamless zooms.

If you need pre-made library zooms, please check out It is our sister website offering pre-created royalty-free mapping zooms and animations.
Other specialties include 3d modeling, visualization & animation, and complete video production services.

Clients include: (1) Television Stations, (2) Broadcast Networks in the United States and around the world, (3) Film Studios, (4) Video and SFX Production Companies, (5) High-End 2d/3d Software Developers, (6) Defense Contractors, (7) Architects, (8) Commercial Real Estate Agencies (9) GIS Companies, and (10) Simulation Companies.
It is amazing what can be done with DigitalGlobe's high-resolution WorldView-2 imagery and DigitalGlobe's Digital Terrain (DTM) data: