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Imagery Examples
Here are a few examples of what our clients do with Satellite and Aerial Imagery.
Here is a CSI-NY Promo produced by CBS using imagery of Manhattan. They purchased the imagery from us, then created this masterful promotion using show clips and high-resolution aerial imagery.
This was a great project we did for Zoo Films, Blip Boutique Productions and Phish (the band.) To launch their summer 2009 concert series, they painted 50 foot high numbers ("09") in a field in Texas. We worked with an aerial partner and did custom aerial photography of the numbers, field and region. We then created the World Zoom, added the concert dates, Phish music bed...and finished with a big zoom-out with the Phish logo. The animation was (is) featured as the splash into the Phish website
Here is an example of how satellite imagery can cause a stir. This is the controversial TV spot created by BlueDesign.TV for the State of Pennsylvania.
Other specialties include 3d modeling, visualization & animation, and complete video production services.

Clients include: (1) Television Stations, (2) Broadcast Networks in the United States and around the world, (3) Film Studios, (4) Video and SFX Production Companies, (5) High-End 2d/3d Software Developers, (6) Defense Contractors, (7) Architects, (8) Commercial Real Estate Agencies (9) GIS Companies, and (10) Simulation Companies.
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We offer satellite imagery layers for your video, documentary, commercial or film -- with the proper licensing. All satellite imagery layers are color-matched, feather-blended and correctly sized for perfect and seamless zooms.

If you need pre-made library zooms, please check out It is our sister website offering pre-created royalty-free mapping zooms and animations.